Three Steps To Success

What Are The Tree Steps To Success?

Did you know, there aren’t three steps: In fact there are only two steps in getting traffic to your site!…

The First  Step:

Choose the strategy that’s right for your particular situation.

The Second Step:

Wealthy Affiliate 2There is no “push button” strategy for getting lots of traffic. No “secret” formula will send you thousands of visitors; Not legally.

Because you see, that’s not the way the world works. Nobody becomes successful by doing things that are simple or easy; NOT NEVER.

You want to know, how then, do they become so successful?


Achieving sustainable success in anything you do in life. You need to develop the ability to do things other people can’t do.

In other words, skill.

Getting traffic is more than just a matter of following steps. It is a form of CRAFTMANSHIP.

Pick your traffic strategy first, then once you’ve done that, the next and final step is to MASTER that traffic plan.

I don’t just mean getting good at it. I’m talking about being better than everyone else.

And, it doesn’t matter what field you are in, the same plan is, simply always right; Wealthy affiliate 6-1

The vast majority of the rewards go to the top 1%.

Is it right? Is it ethical? Is it the way the world should work?

Most likely not.

But it’s the way the world just happens to work.

If your desire is to get significant traffic, you need to be in the top 1% in the world at your strategy.

And I’ll be straight up with you…

Usually, it takes years.

There’s so much you have to study, so much you have to practice, and there is so much work you have to repeat over and over and over again until you finally get better at it than everyone else.

And it’s hard. The fact is, most people don’t have it in them.

Do you?

Something for you to think over.

Meanwhile, there is a piece of good news;

If you are prepared to commit yourself to mastering traffic and learn everything, there is to know on the topic. Then Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect fit.

Wealthy Affiliate 5.pngWealthy Affiliate will make life easier for you as they have a blueprint, which not only shows you how all the strategies come together. But, will work through the resources with you and teach you how you can master them.

All the best articles, tools, courses. Everything you need for mastering your strategy, once you’ve chosen the right one.

“What?!” you say. “What about step three?”

There isn’t one.

Affiliate Marketing Generate An Income Steam


Affiliate marketing is a solid vehicle for creating a revenue stream as there is no requirement in having to carry or launch your product through your blog or website.

The principle behind affiliate marketing, you promote other company products and are financially rewarded if your referral makes a purchase.

By using typical examples: 

I will illustrate how the system works, while at the same time, show you how you too, can earn an income by owning a blog of your own. I will also reveal how combining affiliate marketing using your blog as the vehicle will make you money.

Are you thinking about, or have been working toward building an online business, but, there seems to be, one thing, or some things at the moment, that are stopping you? Evolving in your difficulty understanding the affiliate marketing process.

Those Of You Who Are First Starting Out:

Setting up an affiliate marketing program may appear from a quick glance, something that is rather difficult to commence.  But, in real essence, it isn’t anywhere as difficult, as it may appear. In fact, proper training, on how to use the right tools and supported with a solid backup, learning is rather easy. Significant streams of revenue earning are on offer trained correctly.

Understanding The Affiliate Marketing Concept:

For those that are having trouble understanding the actual meaning of affiliate marketing. You receive a 37585005-marketing-strategy-and-core-objectives-of-product-words-cloud-business-conceptcommission as a marketer by promoting products, either on your website or blog.

Typically called a referral process, for every potential customer who views your site then goes on and makes a purchase the owner of that product pays you a commission for the referral.

There are thousands of products that you can promote, but before you can do that, (promote that companies product). You first need to register with them for a referral approval. Once approved they will supply you with tracking details, (your personal link) you can use during your promotions.

Having this link embedded into your website or blog, allows the customer to click on it, which takes them to the company product you are promoting. Because of your unique link, if a transaction happens, your details are automatically recorded, and you then receive a commission for the sale.

It isn’t difficult, in, fact; it is quite simple to understand and follow.

A vast majority of affiliate programs offer a standard sign-up process. However, there also is a few who are by invitation only, which have no real effect on you.

Rewards for your efforts (commissions) vary to a great extent, as it is all dependent upon your content creation and the product you are promoting.

Starting off with a basic product with an average margin from the outset, and then increasing both as your knowledge base increases, is from what I have learned a more sensible approach.

As you develop yourself as an online marketer, your referral customer base will also grow larger, that includes a consistent pool of contacts. But, this naturally all takes time, and will not happen overnight.

Success in affiliate marketing is no different to that of starting out in new employment; you need to learn the ropes before progress happens.

I Find It Rather Intriguing:

why there are a school of thought in some circles that affiliate marketing doesn’t work. Why then does statistics indicate that several billions of dollars are currently getting spent online if that were the case? With that figure to increase three-fold, by 2020. At the moment data suggest that the market has never been so buoyant.

Some products that are most popular, but in a very competitive market, are finance, health, development products, travel and many how-to products, just to name a few. If you have just started out or in the early stages of learning, then, those types of products are best left to the seasoned sellers.

There’re thousands upon thousands of other products with a much less profile that will earn you a very comfortable living.

What does, however, surprise me, why people get led into believing, set up a blog, add heaps of banner adds, and the dollars start rolling in. I need to be realistic here, and, tell you straight up, that is the furthermost from the truth, so much, that is beyond belief.

Information Is King:

In the online world of today, people look for information; that will help solve their problem or enhance their 34236358-businessman-and-woman-with-funnel-and-wordsway of life. Therefore, the secret of affiliate marketing success is to offer what they want or assist in resolving their problem.

Payment Methods:

Payment by most of the Affiliate programs, us a four weekly type system or twenty-eight days. They also, have a minimum commission payable, if your sales don’t reach the required target, they then will carry that amount over to the following cycle. Amazon and Ebay will pay directly into a PayPal account if you have one. There are others, who will send a commission cheque, but, that is rare these days. Although they all offer different systems of paying, their payment structures are similar.

Enter your affiliate program payment details, that, will confirm your preferred payment location. As many smaller affiliate programs have difficulty paying members in foreign countries.

If you elect to promote E-books, it is best to be sure in the first place to establish the publisher’s payment method. As a single editor may not have all the same payment facilities, like that of a larger company.

Getting Started:

Getting started is the first major hurdle, then progressing your knowledge and understanding will be the next step. Writing a convincing recommendation takes a little figuring out, but once you understand that concept, you are then on your way. Affiliate programs have no limit as to how far your earning capacity may go.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

A known fact, not everyone is cut out to be an affiliate marketer. But, without trying you will never know if it is your journey to success or will it just remain that?  A pipe dream. My recommendation, in finding out first-hand without having to commit yourself to any out of pocket expense.

There is one company that stands way above the pack when it comes to everything you need to get started. In fact, it is considered the best training website available. Ideal for all levels in affiliate marketing no matter what your affiliate marketing background maybe.

They offer a full seven-day free trial, and there are no exceptions within that period.  So, why wouldn’t you take up the free – Seven Day Free Trial – offered by Wealthy Affiliate?

There is no doubting; everything is laid out for you to use for the seven days. You be the judge Take a look for yourself.

If you have any questions about Getting Started online, I would love to help!  Just leave a comment and I will reply.