Affiliate Marketing Basics


What  Are  The  Basics  of  Affiliate  Marketing?

Are you like many thousands of workers committed to toiling away in your cubicle. Constantly dreaming of a way to succeed and break free from your sixty plus hour Monday – Friday grind.

If this sounds like you, then you need read this right to the end.

At least a quarter of those has at some time considered tossing in their job to become self-employed, work-from-home, with numbers growing according to a recent Gallop poll.

Many others are opting to retain their current employment but continue to explore avenues that will generate extra income.

While there are many others, who need to restart a new career path after being retrenched.

But the real truth is, you, like many others,  more than likely struggle to find sufficient courage to break free of the shackles and follow your dream, the one that matters most.

Stop putting the rest of your life on hold. Reclaim the freedom you so richly deserve.


There are many popular types of ventures people look at when first starting out, although the most traditional, actually fall into a small category, yet quite meaningful.

Internet Marketing
Direct Sales
MLM Marketing

There are many more groups too numerous to mention.

Are You Contemplating Making The Switch?

Starting out doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds if you follow a few ground rules. And what I mean by rules, do some investigation, look at what is available and what best suits you. Taking the time, in the beginning, is so important, as that is your foundation base for starting out. And, you will realize the benefits later on as you progress further.

With the aid of research, and even the most important things in life, are best served, ahead of that last decision.  An entrepreneurial venture is no different as recognized by many experts.

Research is the cornerstone in understanding the industry, serviceability of the sector, product diversity with a potential customer base and customer and service needs.

Without preparing beforehand many businesses are doomed to fail as they fail to understand the many challenges that may lie ahead.

Internet Marketing:

Popularity with internet marketing is rather buoyant due mainly because of the freedom and flexibility while being able to work from home.

The most compelling factor is due primarily through modern day technology, as there is no restriction where how-makie-money-online-2you can work.

In fact, you can work from anywhere throughout the world without having the need to be at home, nor, attend meetings or seminars.


Up front costs to get started, are quite minimal provided you have a computer and are willing to learn.


Potentially your success is dependent upon your efforts; The more you put in then, the more you get back in return.


Linking to an online marking team that isn’t right for you (lacking in training tools, and support.) Primarily, those particular types of companies, have no vested interest in your learning, rather than conjuring ways to grab your money. Their prime interest is getting you to buy packages that you more than likely don’t need let alone understand the content. And, most likely pushing you into unnecessary debt.

Besides, they never paint the real picture, rather leave you to your own devices. It always pays to carry out the necessary research if you intend to uncover any hidden agendas.

Mind you not operate in this fashion, as there some excellent sites who put your interest first.

And, if you are like I once was, it all gets just too hard, so you move onto the next one. Guess what “YES” that is right you’ve nailed it, you repeat the process all over again and again.  That’s an awful thought, isn’t it?

I will discuss more on this topic a little later.

Direct Sales:

More of a face -to-face situation, meeting people personally, participation in meetings and direct selling such as in-house demonstrations and or arranged house parties demonstrating products and associated benefits.

This type of trading attracts millions of people with the majority working on a casual or part-time basis. The consensus indicates, direct selling mainly suits women.

However, that is far from being right as numbers suggest a pretty even mix across the sales 1


Usually, there is no start up cost, but not always. If there is a cost, inquire upfront, what you are asked to purchase and associated charges. And, what is the product return policy for non-sales?

The benefit of carrying out your research, most questions will be covered during the evaluation process.


Once again, the potential is gauged by effort as like most sales orientated selling. The more you put in, enhances the possibility of a significant return.


The only problem I’m aware of, poor effort signifies reduced yields. So, “YES”, Direct Sales does work, controlled by your energy input.

MLM Marketing:

Scrutinizing of Multi-Level-marketing is continually being challenged. With questions as to whether or not this working from home opportunity, is genuine or just a scam.

The primary focus with MLM is based around recruiting rather than selling products. So if the focus relies on recruiting not selling, then you can be sure that company is MLM orientated.

Usually, their focus is having you recruit more team members just like yourself.

Another worthy consideration is training. Most if not all MLM company training, is focused heavily toward recruitment rather than honing in toward actual techniques of selling and support focused.

In most instances, it is recognized that MLM training is concentrated heavily in the direction of how to convince recruits including family and friends why this “home based business opportunity” is right for them, and how they can work from home. Not right another scam lie.

MLM 2Pressure, by MLM, is born upon current members, to buy the products. They may also be running a what is called “Fast Track.” While there are others that will have an additional system called “Elite.” what that means you purchase other products up front.

You may even be forced or pressured into buying a “BusinessPack.” An expensive package they claim will help fast track your startup and get you all the business required in being successful. “Not True,” another lie.
The purpose of these kinds of tactics, purely aimed at getting you to purchase the unwanted product, to help fatten those at the top of the food chain.

Like most things in life, “sounds too good to be true then be wary,” as it may well be another Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) scam.


In fact, there are very few. I am unable to provide a benefit that will best suit the MLM industry.


Limited to select few who are not at the bottom of the feed chain. Because the elite few at the very top soak up most of the gravy, who only leave a few drops for others.


Enormous upfront product costs. With most of the grunt work left to those on the ground, with little or no return.

Most instances, you are left with excess product, because, once purchased it is non-returnable. You burn your relatives and friends by trying to force them to join when it is against their will.

Should you be lucky enough to be one of the very few, who climb a few rungs of the ladder, and the MLM company folds, so does your earning capacity. Another enormous disadvantage.

It does sound as if I am criticizing MLM, doesn’t it? The truth is, “YES I AM.” I have, over the years, had many experiences with MLM companies, and never once made enough to buy a bottle of coke. But, spent plenty on useless products that finished in the trash bin.

Are you thinking to yourself, why am I talking about three business types only? For some considerable time, I have, in one way or another, had a connection to these three business opportunities, so I understand the inner workings of all three.

During that time I discovered that most other possibilities, usually are linked to these three in many different ways.

Recall, when I covered Internet Marketing, I mentioned that I would further discuss this topic with you later.

Internet Marketing Part Two:

I believed that up until just recently I understood Internet Marketing reasonably well.

That was until I  came across an internet marketing concept sent to me by a friend. He suggested I take a close look because this was unique and something that he has never seen before.

I thought to myself sounds familiar, heard it all before promising the world and deliver nothing.

But coming from my friend whom I trusted, I thought then and there-there must be more than just something in it, for him to suggest I take a close look.

So, I decided to take a look, and was surprised; To be perfectly honest, I had trouble in believing what I was seeing. For instance, “A seven-day free trial,” not the standard run of the mill offer.

I began thinking, gee, this has to be too good to be true. So, I decided to take up the seven-day free trial offer and find out for myself.

With the trial period, there was full access to the member’s area, including, availability to all facilities and tools, usually only available to members.

Facilities available were extensive. But, what intrigued me, were the amenities to members; Training tools were extensive, training modules too numerous even to!… well there was so much, more than anything I was able to comprehend.

How is this for starters? Full training provided from start up to building a website to preparing content to launching your site into the cyber world. With continued education with the aid of in-depth videos, stretching back to 2009. Something you won’t find anywhere else

Webinars once a week related to improvement or refining your understanding about internet marketing and website domination.

A community platform for asking questions to all existing members, and much more.

Oh, I forgot to mention the name: Wealthy Affiliate.

I can understand if you feel little dubious because I was when I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate.

That was until I took up the free trial period.

Take a test drive for yourself, don’t just take my word for it. There is every possibility you may be surprised by what you see.

Just Like I Was.

Just before leaving, I would like to ask. have you been trying to understand the basics of affiliate marketing, but not quite grasping what you should do. Then please leave me a comment and I will help work through them with you.












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  1. Hey there Tom,

    This is one long and well broken down lesson about affiliate marketing. I hope people will realize all potentials within all this knowledge you gave here. I like your critics about MLM, people falling into it all the time.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for taking the time out to read my thoughts about, Affiliate Marketing Basics.

      Unfortunately, there is not enough quality content that gets explained in simple terms that beginners can understand.

      There are plenty of nasties lurking around the corner ready to take the unwary to the cleaners.And, that is unfortunate but, the way things are today.

      I am also pleased that you enjoyed the part about MLM.

      Thanks again

  2. This is an in-depth explanation and I really learned a lot from the material that you have provided. Anyone wanting to go into affiliate marketing will benefit from this.
    Frank and true comments are really very helpful guidelines.

    1. Hi there Achuthan Nair,

      I appreciate your comments.
      Starting out can be quite daunting, not knowing where or how to start.

      So, I figured if I can provide something to my readers where they will benefit, while at the same time be armed with information that they can use.

      Then, good will be the end result.
      Thanks again

    1. Hi there Osama,
      Thank you for your comment. The idea when I set out to write content, was to try and be as helpful as possible to all readers. And by your remarks, it would appear that I am on the way of achieving that.
      Thanks again

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