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Uncover  a  Genuine  Affiliate  Marketing  Opportunity?

If this sounds like you, then you need to read this right this to the end.

I will uncover and show you, how to get started in a legitimate affiliate marketing opportunity in no time at all.

How often have you had that groundbreaking thought, one day I will start a business of my own in affiliate marketing?

You try a few times but fail, so you decide, it’s all too hard, so you head off in another direction looking for another possible opportunity.

Finally, you find something.  You follow all the instructions and purchase the software they claim will earn you thousands of dollars in no time fast.
Guess what? “YES” I know, it never eventuated to anything much. In fact, most likely you earned Zilch… Zero… Nothing.

Bitterly disappointed, absolutely? But worse; you purchased software that is utterly useless, and your pocket is many hundreds of dollars lighter. A familiar story and I hear it all too often.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way,  as affiliate marketing is a fabulous way to make money online. Unfortunately, most folk, just like you find getting started through the lack of know-how and what tools to use the biggest challenge.

The beginning seems almost impossible, as everything you do try invariably steers you into that proverbial brick wall. And, I know how you feel as I was once there myself.

Confusing as that may be. My goal is to help break it down, so it all makes sense.

Today, millions of people are shopping online and the first place they start looking is in Google, digging around affiliate-marketing-green-blue-banner-abstract-join-promote-earn-message-37764734for ideas of what is available and where to find them. If you can give them what they are looking for by having the right affiliate marketing strategies in place, there is more than a fair chance they will click on your site.

However, before getting to that stage, there is some work need to be done in advance. Affiliate marketing is very similar to building a house you cannot erect the frame, without first building a solid foundation.

What I mean by that, you first need to find a company who offer a sound preparation base, with proper training, plus all the necessary tools to start your journey into affiliate marketing.

It does mean, though, in the beginning, some hard work will be required.  However, if you are prepared to do the groundwork from the start, then that is a sure way of reaping benefits later on.

In essence, following the right processes thoroughly, and doing all the necessary training, your effort you will be rewarded.

I think that you now can see there is a common thread beginning to develop, as understanding, the fundamentals are the foundation in preparing an attractive online site and the only way you will ensure a successful outcome.

Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing:

Here are five steps that I believe are the pillars in getting started.

1) Start-up costs – minimal or as little as zero
2) Products which are popular or in demand
3) Purchasing a website to promote your idea
4) Preparing content for your website
5) Listing your site with Google including social media

Five steps, sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Well, “YES,” it is, by using the correct strategies. And, “NO,” it is far from simple using a wrong approach, or should I say, trying to fly by the seat of your pants.

When first starting out, there are many ways in which to begin.  However, the safest approach that has proven to be the most valuable and sure way to begin. Look for a site that is prepared to offer a free trial or a test drive before you buy.

No restriction to the free trial should be applied especially to any of the only member tools. They need to throw open the front door and let you walk right in and take a good look around. Take time looking into their back office.

Explore all the training tools on offer and be sure to ask questions. If then, you like what you see, buy, otherwise, leave with your money still in your pocket. Simple as that.

If there be a lack of training tools with little or no support, as that is of particular importance when first starting out? Given there is an absence in these two specific areas, you should place serious doubt about them, as they are the sites best avoided.

If you are unsure about any one particular or number of points,  ask questions, and continue to do so until you are satisfied with the responses. That way you will be better placed in establishing whether they are genuine or not.

Don’t ever be frightened to ask about a free trial period, as that is a true way of testing their sincerity. Following a safe practice, before committing, will sure cost you some time, but isn’t it sometimes much cheaper to waste time rather than money? It will be time well spent and a sure way to avoid spending money unnecessarily.

An affiliate marketing company who is prepared to place your interests at the forefront, who have all the necessary training modules, with excellent support and follow-up, definitely are, who your should seriously consider. Your due diligence will have identified who they are.


There is “NO SECRET.” Understanding what affiliate marketing can do for you and how to go about securing the necessary tools that will make it work, as it has done for me, and many other people just like yourself are the only secret to getting started that I know.

Success best described in affiliate marketing is, identifying a business that takes your hand and walks you through the system from start to finish, without placing any financial gain toward themselves.

One that I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate, take a look for yourself.



Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of the five steps.

A ) Set-Up Charges; I like the philosophy applied by the major outlets, where they offer a hands-on approach or free trial before you buy attitude.

You know, it’s much like walking into a retail store, and if you are like me, you like to, feel and touch it, and where possible take it for a test run, so to speak. Stores like that are always open to questions.

In fact, they encourage you to ask them questions. That to me is an excellent customer-first approach. And a sure way,  of testing without spending any money straight up.

Well, affiliate marketing is no different, provided you connect with a site which operates in that fashion. A site which is prepared to offer a “FREE” trial period so that you can test for yourself without having to spend one dime, is where you should direct your energies. Should you be asked up front to make, an advanced payment, be ultra careful, as in most instances, they are not interested in you, only your money.

B ) Finding Products That Are Popular Or In Demand; The ideal situation here is identifying a niche; Usually, something you are quite familiar with, such as a particular hobby, sport, even something in which you have considerable knowledge.

By choosing something where you have a good understanding, will help no end. Because, having a first-hand awareness in a particular area, will be so much easier when it comes to preparing and writing content, as you will be drawing from your personal knowledge base.

Conducting product research is similar to putting things into a pigeon-hole for future use. In affiliate marketing, it’s  commonly known as a “Niche.” The aim is to conduct a keyword search that will unlock products that are high in demand, and favorite among buyers, yet, availability of affiliate sites is entirely limited to the buying customer.

Provided you have followed the practice as suggested by your provider getting to this point will begin to make sense.  And, you will start to see why the importance of finding a “Niche,” is the centerpiece of your success.

May all sound complicated, but it need not be. With the help of insightful training and first-hand use of qualityaffiliate-marketing-23647020 training tools and modules, the task will be so much easier to understand than what you may expect.

C ) Buying A Website To Promote Your Idea; Is relatively easy as many available sites offer such service. Concerning myself. When I joined “Wealthy Affiliate,”, they have a member provision to purchase, which saved lots of time and worry, as they fully maintain the site, without me having to worry.

Naming your web page is of vital importance, because whatever name you select remains the domain name for the entire life of your website. Where possible always strive to secure a “Domain Name,” that ends in (.com). Sites that finish with a “dot-com,” are universally recognized around the world, therefore paramount, toward your success.

Something that demands considerable thought when purchasing. Should the domain name you have selected, not available in dot-com, try slightly changing the name around, or better, choose another name. I understand this can be a pain, but important.

D ) Preparing content for your website; Remember when I said earlier choosing something that you have an interest about, will help you with writing content, and, will allow the flow to be so much easier. Given by now, you most probably will have your favorite topic sorted. It is only a matter of now writing.

Allow your writing to flow, similar to that, when talking to another person nearby. Using words of your own and in a manner that is conversational attracts readers, and rates favorably within Google algorithms.

That will also get you to a higher ranking within the search engines. More Top rankings enhance your opportunity to be successful.

E ) Listing Your Site With Google Including Social Media; With the understanding, you followed the training, this task should also be easy. I’m applying the assumption that you are using WordPress to input your content. WordPress has a provision available,  “Draft” or “Publish.”

The two options are ideal, because if your content is incomplete, you can opt to store it as a draft copy and complete later. Conversely, if your document is ready to publish, all that is required is to click on the “Publish” button.

Your content automatically will be inserted into your website. Of course, I am assuming, you have previously launched your site.

affiliate marketing 8

With Social Media; It is merely a matter of joining the sites you have selected, then, loading and launching your content. The principal idea using social media is to broaden your opportunities to a larger audience.

It’s Worth Noting; Insert a couple of links to your content, for optimization purposes. It is crucial to prospective customers having the option of visiting your site by clicking on the link.

You will have now reached a stage where you will have completed the training. You are now better informed about “Affiliate Marketing,”  and your knowledge base will be on the improve. The amount of belief and confidence gained, will have given you a huge boost in faith.

You STILL have some doubts? Then I can understand.

Or you’re simply just CURIOUS?  Will it work for me?

If such doubts are still lingering in the back of your mind? Then I strongly recommend you go ahead, and a-line yourself with a reputable site such as wealthy affiliate and you will be on your way to success in no time at all.


Just before leaving, I would like to ask. have you been trying to understanding affiliate marketing, but not quite grasping what you should do. Then please leave me a comment and I will help work through them with you.












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    1. Hi there Laura,
      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      When I was writing this page, I took time out to reflect how difficult it was for myself, when I was learning about affiliate marketing, six or seven years ago.

      I’m sure you understand when learning there is never enough information available on what to do step-by-step. Hence the reason for my breaking it down as I have done.

      I am pleased that you liked my site, thanks again.

    1. Hello Meherbani,
      Thank you for your comment. Because when I started out in affiliate marketing some time ago.

      Quality information was very scant, that is if it wasn’t from scammers.

      Hence the reason I provided the type of content that I have in my post.

      Thanks again.

  1. Hi Tom,
    Great article – interesting read.
    I’ve been looking to get rolling in affiliate marketing and have heard some great reviews regarding Wealthy Affiliate.
    Could you tell me what their training is like, building your website?
    I prefer video based rather than some PDF written training.
    If I can watch someone do this and implement what’s being shown I’m sure I can fly through this.
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi there Simon,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We all, at Wealthy Affiliate, have been looking to get rolling, you included.

      I am a little perplexed, with you comment regarding the training.

      I would have thought that you already knew, how the system works and more especially within Wealth Affiliate. Being an active member as you are, I fail to see, why you would be asking for the finer points of training.
      Thanks again

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