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 Stop  Falling  For The  Traps

Why The biggest misconceptions or myths about the Affiliate Marketing industry are not real. So many times, have we heard the echoes of people who have, for one reason or another been caught up in a scam. Most unfortunate yet true, because, believe it or not; it just feels at times; there are as many scammers out there as what there are legitimate sites. But, of course, that isn’t true.

The growth explosion within, Affiliate Marketing, naturally attracts scammers to seize the opportunity to make a quick dollar at the expense of the most vulnerable, or the unwary beginner or shopper.

More often than not they attract with all the glossary; graphics backed up with a whole lot of anecdotes to re-enforce their claim with fake reviews.

Is it any wonder, with so many scammers why many people ask,  “AFFILIATE MARKETING IS IT A SCAM.” With so many misconceptions flying around, the publicity they regularly hear and read. I’m not surprised they ask, “Affiliate Marketing Is it a Scam.”

To dispel the “SCAM,” notion, become associated with a legitimate site, where everything is on the table for you to see before you buy,  then the answer will simply be, “NO.”

Unfortunately, many scammers through unorthodox business methods, create an enormous amount of negativity, by trapping people into handing over their money with dodgy information or even unnecessary upsells, etc.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent medium, to earn a comfortable income. Has been for some considerable number of years, and will continue to be a genuine marketing opportunity, in a way that is beneficial to both publishers and merchants alike.

The Three Biggest Misconceptions

About the Affiliate Marketing  Industry.

Typically, there are three types of product reviews; you will find online: The Customer’s – The Researched and The Dishonest.

Customer Review:

The client’s report usually comes from people who have typically used the product first hand.

Occasionally the customer will buy the product, other times they are given the product for free. Either way, the sole purpose to gain the first-hand review that generates the authenticity, and usually is an unbiased report.

affiliate-marketing-concept-interface-world-map-blue-background-50744573Of course, not, all are accurate nor correct, as they may well carry a bias toward the product. So, you as the consumer need to access the honesty of the report, and whether it is intended to help or dupe you into belief.  That is why the try before you buy method is the most desired principle.

Researched Review:

Is brought about by research and experience. For instance; you don’t always need to own a product to produce a report. Many products are studied to gain first-hand knowledge, mainly through reading customer stories as they are always honest and genuine. Ebay and Amazon are great exponents where customer experiences are available.

On the other hand, you may know a friend or have a relative who has recently purchased a product, so their first-hand experience is without a doubt accurate, therefore, writing a review on that basis would be genuine and authentic.

Digital products there is no difference. Marketers who apply these same principles, usually are a legitimate online marketing site.

Dishonest Review:

The shady marketers haven. They seize products off the large sites and falsely rate the product with a five-star rating, which is the highest reading possible. They then go about weaving their everyday dishonesty, when in fact, they have never purchased any products.

They have no perception of the items let alone believing in them. The primary focus is how quick they can earn a robber 3commission from a sale. They have no care about helping you or for that matter, honestly answering any questions should they be raised. That sort of stuff to them is entirely irrelevant and a waste of time.

Never Underestimate The Scammers Abilities:

I don’t intend sugar coating this, as there are many affiliate marketers, who categorically fit into this realm, unethical as it is. In most instances, “NO,’ in all cases they have been poorly trained or picked up this nasty craft themselves. Their survival rate is short-lived as they are quickly identified, through the lies and innuendo told. Unfortunately, as quick as these shoddy operators are weeded out from the affiliate marketing industry, there is another one lined up to the place.

How often have you seen? Earn, $2000.00 in your first week by simply following these easy to follow instructions or one click of your mouse and you’ll be on your way. I don’t know about you, but I see them repeatedly every day of the week. To be honest, it irks me to think they get away with such brazen tactics. The easiest way, just ignore them and hit the delete button, because, they are scams 100%.

Why do I need to waste my money and spend a week executing their program, because my online experience identifies such claims as being fictitious, and damn impossible to achieve.  If it were that easy, then, all online marketers would be wealthy.

Affiliate Marketing:

With the continued growth in affiliate marketing. Naturally, attracts many people to spend online. Therefore, the industry has become a massive shopping center. There is no wonder, so many are now turning toward affiliate marketing training programs that genuinely offer a full set of training tools.

Affiliate marketing in many ways is similar to that of the weight loss industry. The aim to be satisfied they both need to work for you to be successful. But not all are legitimate, as, in both, there are instances where they play on the heart strings of the most unsuspecting, by selling you worthless products that are nothing more than rubbish.


Affiliate Marketing and the Weight Loss Industry, there never has been any magic bullet that instantly offers success.

Success quite simply is only earned from hard work and total commitment. That is the only way I know what it takes to achieve results.

There are lots of good sites that provide the correct tools and guidance, as well as there are the shifty operators. That will never change; it is a matter if understanding the difference between the two. And, that will only come from thorough training, backed up with first-hand support where needed.

The people who scammers prey on are those that desperately seek information. And usually it is done by offering an “information system,” that promises you dividends soon after you purchase. Which of course we all know isn’t right. They have a very convinced way of telling their story with all those promises on how it will work for you, when in fact, all it is, trickery in convincing you to buy.

With a large number of first-time beginners entering into affiliate marketing, most times are totally unaware how these shonky individuals operate.

They make false assertions about, how you can in your first thirty days be earning thousands of dollars. Backed up with a persuasive sales letter, that is nothing more than “FLUFF.”

They will tell you in that beautiful fluffy letter, how you, just by following a few simple steps will be on your way to success. They will say how much they are making by doing the same thing, and back it up by showing some bank statements.

Sure, some of those bank slips may be true, but what they are not telling you. The reports are not from the system they offer, but in fact, from unsuspecting people like us buying their useless information.

I’m sure that you are beginning to see a common thread developing. Because should it be that easy, do you think I would be here writing up this report?

There is no silver bullet to success, and like I said earlier, it all comes back to hard work and commitment.

Avoid Being Sucked Into Any False Promotions:

Start by learning affiliate marketing basics, educate yourself to the point where these scam artists, and their so-called trickery,  stick out like a beacon in the middle of the night. Learn what is involved before making any decisions.

Personally, I stand by the theory, the best way to learn, connect with a reputable company that offers a look at what they do way before buying. Usually, you will find that these companies only operate with reliable and honest merchants. Backed up with full support. They have no intention of just trying to sell you a dream. Why would they, when they are satisfied with an excellent reputation?


Securing information this way can be of benefit, and  a definite beginning point, provided that you understand the difference between, “A Dream and Actual.”

Look For The Warning Lights; They Are Easy Enough To Identify:

1 ) Silly lifestyles, so lavish that is beyond belief.
2 ) Stylish Autos, way out of reach to the average person.
3 ) One of the best lies I know  “FOOLPROOF  SYSTEM.” A load of rubbish.
4 ) Work one hour a day and money will roll into you bank account.
5 ) Forget about having to do any job, just put everything on auto-pilot.
6 ) Snapshot of earnings without explaining the revenue source.
7 ) Buy today and start earning tomorrow. Nothing further from the truth.

What I have tried to do is demonstrate to you, never let yourself be drawn in by glossy or sweet talk, nor allow yourself to be over excited with all the associated hype, on how you can earn your first million dollars with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Remember starting out is no walk-up-start, and nor it should be if you want to learn properly. Look at it from this perspective, if you were just starting out as an apprentice carpenter. Do you think the boss would give you a set of house plans, and tell you to build the house? I don’t believe so. You have to learn first what to do. Well, affiliate marketing is no different.

People who first learn the basics or foundation of affiliate marketing, usually achieve a lucrative and fruitful living.

Those that fail, in most instances, have not been able to grasp the affiliate marketing concept, poorly trained or drop off due to the lack of commitment.

Affiliate marketing is no different to other things in life. If we all did the same stuff, imagine how boring life would be? That is why trying before buying allows you the benefit of realizing whether it is for you or not.

The Reason Why You Should Keep Going And Not Quit:

Usually, but not all, who commit to affiliate marketing become successful some more so than others. And there are those who will fail, that is a fact of life. There are lots stories of people who, from the beginning, were rather skeptical, but decided to give it a try, with amazing results.  

Results mainly achieved, are with an active approach, realistic expectations, and not allowing to be distracted by hype. The hardest part when first starting out is not getting fooled by the smooth-talking scammers.



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