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If so, you then, need to read this page from beginning to finish.

As I will do my best to reveal ways that will show you how to get started online in a matter of minutes.

Most people, just like yourself, strive to achieve success, but unfortunately, they invariably run into that proverbial brick wall.

It’s not your fault that the jigsaw pieces just don’t fit together. It is not an uncommon occurrence as it happens to most people, attempting their very first online business venture.

They seem to enter a state of “Total Confusion.” I know, I did on my first try, and that is why I am here to help you through.

I would like to guide you down the correct path of success. A way that will demonstrate to you that getting started online isn’t as difficult as it all may appear.affiliate-marketing-handwritten-blackboard-related-words-concept-cloud-55335884

Myself, I become frustrated by the avalanche of scams, including products available online. In fact, I have always harbored the thought; you should be able to look and feel it before having to pay.

With my site, you have that opportunity, as I only recommend things which either are totally free or have a try before you buy approach. That way, you don’t spend money without trying first.

Many big companies operate in a similar fashion. For instance, the Apple line of products is one that springs to mind. Before you purchase the latest iPhone, MacBook, and many others in their range. It’s a try before you buy methodology.

All you need do, enter a local Apple Store, and you get the chance to try out any product first hand without having to commit to a sale.

Naturally, if you like whatever, then you may commit to a transaction.

My purpose of demonstrating the Apple Store is the precise reason of why you should only try products that allow the same or similar philosophy.

I know myself, and I’m sure you feel the same way,  it is comforting to be able to touch, feel and take a test drive, way before making any buying decision.

You understand I’m sure; there is nothing better than being able to take a good look inside without any commitment.

affiliate-marketing-concept-interface-world-map-blue-background-50744573Here at, I strongly champion that same philosophy, buy before you buy.

I’m sure that YOU are keen to achieve online success, but before we get to your online success bit. I first need to ask a question.

Your Online Success, What Do You See As The Single Most Critical Thing Preventing Success?

These are actual questions from me (Tom) to you. What do you consider to be that one single thing that prevents you from success to this point?
Are you frightened to try something new?
Could it be fear of failure?
Or is it something else?

There must be a niggling reason that is holding you back from success. Are you scared or maybe a little skeptical? I mean there must be something holding you back at the moment.

I am interested in hearing what you think it could be what is holding your success back. ( please Leave comment below). It will help me understand so that I’m able to serve people better just like yourself, on my site. That way more people will achieve a higher success rate.

Maybe, your success has been stymied through being exposed to past scams. Should that be the reason, then for sure, SCAMS SUCKS…so I will turn you around completely and have you facing the right direction and striving forward toward an online ethical system that works?

To be totally honest, it’s not about whether some achieve success while others fail it funnels down to a few things. In fact, three to be precise.

THREE Things Required In BuildingA Successful Business Online:

Maybe, you have not in the past read my story, so that you can know about my story, it is here online.

I have been tinkering online and mainly in the Affiliate Marketing sector for more than eight years. And, in that time I have learned quite a bit about the online success and what it takes to generate that success. More importantly, I learned to understand and what respect means to other people.

In so many different ways, achievements of success are created.
Results are somewhat different from person to person, but what I discovered and found it to be most common among individuals who earn money online.

1. Help is Always – Available:

I know from my past experiences, just how frustrated it is when you hit that brick wall. The -If Only- immediately comes to mind, here I am, stuck without any available help. What’s worse than being stuck? No-one is available to assist you with the problem. Your first thought, where do I go from here? Where will I go, get that help needed?

2. Must Have a Website – No Surprise:

Without a website, success usually never follows. Trying to break your way into the online world without a website, your chances of survival most likely will be short-lived.

Worried, I was too at this stage, but there is no need to be concerned.
There is some good news. Building a website, fortunately enough,  is now so easy. In fact, within a couple of short minutes, you too, can have your very own website fully functional and run online.

Sounds surreal, I know, but, TRUE,  within a few short minutes from now, and even without spending one single cent of your hard earned.  That’s right, in a few short minutes, website online, and no money spent?

Do you recall, when I said about things being free to trial before purchase, WELL, this FREE SITE is no different?

3.Training and Practice:

Remember when you were a young child, learning to ride a tricycle or a bicycle. Apart from a few spills here and there, practice made perfect.

Gee, I so vividly remember how many times I fell off before mastering that art of staying in the saddle. Encouragement and guidance were the pivotal factors that got me to the point of staying upright in the saddle.

Well, online marketing is no different. Without practice, learning is difficult, in fact, it is almost impossible.  In fact, that is what undoubtedly helped me.



Think of it like this?

.  With the aid of Practice and Training
.  with the support of Self Motivation
. The More I Get To Know. The More I Will Learn
. Then, Of Course, All The Success Comes Naturally

Let’s look at basketball in this perspective. Would Michael Jorden, every time he had a shot, and it went into the basket, he would for one second be thinking about the mechanics of that particular shot?

No, because he would have practiced that shot so many times during training, it all just came naturally to him.

Training is the hallmark of all success. Without training, success is sure not to follow.

That is what is going to happen when you get trained correctly. Because through proper training and correct practice, success is sure to follow you.

So, here you are, ready to get started with $00.00:

More likely by now, you see a common theme beginning to emerge.

1. The great principle is bootstrapping a business. I like that.
2. To succeed online, I accept that a website, help, and training are paramount.

What you can expect when signing up for $0:

* Personalized assistance, including full support
* Community support within from thousands of users
* Support through live chat
* Topical discussions ongoing regularly
* Two Free Websites
* Ready to make money online
* Video Classes current and past
* Fully functional WordPress Sites
*  Heaps of Training
* Regular Courses
* Entire Classrooms fully functional


All this and plenty more for a total amount of ZERO- No hitting the bank- No need for the credit card. That’s right COST-Zilch-LOTTA-NOTHING:

I know it all sound nuts only because it is. Free training, two websites, and full support. There is nothing as robust anywhere; that will offer anything similar or even close.

There is, however, a Premium offer you may consider, but, unfortunately, that access only gives you- WAY MORE.

As I have indicated, choose the “Starter $0. A month,”  option where you will immediately gain access to everything mentioned, upon you providing your sign-up information.

There is hope.

If you have any questions about Getting Started online, I would love to help!  Just leave a comment and I will reply!









2 thoughts on “Getting Started On Line

  1. He Tom, Ed here from WA… Very nice, wel thought out site…looks like you’ve really done your homework.
    I only wish I had the time to devote to content, but will keep on keep’in on and eventually get there.
    Well, congrats, and I hope you’re doing well there in AussieLand, take care sir and have a nice day…

    1. Hi there Ed,
      Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.
      I have tried to offer the best of information to all readers, therefore at the same time keep the remarks to what I am trying to convey. thanks again for taking the time to read, and more importantly leaving a comment

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