Three Steps To Success

What Are The Tree Steps To Success?

Did you know, there aren’t three steps: In fact there are only two steps in getting traffic to your site!…

The First  Step:

Choose the strategy that’s right for your particular situation.

The Second Step:

Wealthy Affiliate 2There is no “push button” strategy for getting lots of traffic. No “secret” formula will send you thousands of visitors; Not legally.

Because you see, that’s not the way the world works. Nobody becomes successful by doing things that are simple or easy; NOT NEVER.

You want to know, how then, do they become so successful?


Achieving sustainable success in anything you do in life. You need to develop the ability to do things other people can’t do.

In other words, skill.

Getting traffic is more than just a matter of following steps. It is a form of CRAFTMANSHIP.

Pick your traffic strategy first, then once you’ve done that, the next and final step is to MASTER that traffic plan.

I don’t just mean getting good at it. I’m talking about being better than everyone else.

And, it doesn’t matter what field you are in, the same plan is, simply always right; Wealthy affiliate 6-1

The vast majority of the rewards go to the top 1%.

Is it right? Is it ethical? Is it the way the world should work?

Most likely not.

But it’s the way the world just happens to work.

If your desire is to get significant traffic, you need to be in the top 1% in the world at your strategy.

And I’ll be straight up with you…

Usually, it takes years.

There’s so much you have to study, so much you have to practice, and there is so much work you have to repeat over and over and over again until you finally get better at it than everyone else.

And it’s hard. The fact is, most people don’t have it in them.

Do you?

Something for you to think over.

Meanwhile, there is a piece of good news;

If you are prepared to commit yourself to mastering traffic and learn everything, there is to know on the topic. Then Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect fit.

Wealthy Affiliate 5.pngWealthy Affiliate will make life easier for you as they have a blueprint, which not only shows you how all the strategies come together. But, will work through the resources with you and teach you how you can master them.

All the best articles, tools, courses. Everything you need for mastering your strategy, once you’ve chosen the right one.

“What?!” you say. “What about step three?”

There isn’t one.

4 thoughts on “Three Steps To Success

  1. Thanks for taking the time to do a write up on Wealthy Affiliate. I have joined WA a couple months ago and am mighty impressed with the training! Best to you!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment. Thankyou.

      In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the worldwide home where there is complete training with easy to follow modules for all levels of affiliates.

      As far as I’m aware, they lead the way for training. And, because of their success rate, other training sites are realising what is needed and are playing catch up.

      Thank again.

  2. Well that set me straight! No easy or simple way to my ultimate success.

    You mean I am going to have to graft, learn and then graft some more? I guess, to be honest (and that certainly seems apt here) I have always known this, but believing the overnight success stories where I’ll be earning thousands within weeks or, even better, days is so appealing.

    Still, as those fairy stories have never led me anywhere other than empty pocketed, I may just give your way a go. Thanks for your 3, I mean 2, steps. 😉

    1. Hi there Jules,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Success is something that has never handed to people no matter who they are.

      Every person that has found success has worked very hard to reach such a pinnacle in life. So, there is, and never been any easy way to success.

      In fact, if you listen to stories told by those that have made it, they will all say success only comes from failure.

      That is the point I am making here, for folks not to be drawn into believing otherwise. Because they are doomed to fail.
      Thanks again

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