Wealthy Affiliate Review, One-Of-A-Kind

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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: Membership $0 Start Up (free seven-day account)
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: Beginners through to hardened experts

My Introduction About Wealthy Affiliate

As I am a premium member, you may think my views prejudice. But, before you do, allow me to express why my review about Wealthy Affiliate has best-served one’s needs, and why you will benefit from it too.

1. )  Since the launching of Wealthy Affiliate in 2007, there have been significant improvements. Back then, for instance, people wanting to join Wealthy Affiliate, were required to pay a full membership for privilege rights. Go forward to, 2016, this same site now offers, a start-up of, $0, with a seven-day free trial, without first asking for you to get out your credit card. If you like, it’s a; try before you buy approach. That’s right, nothing to pay.

A perfect way to test drive the site for free, without the thought of being scammed. And, all without having to risk spending one dollar.

2. ) I am no different to most people, looking at something new, always seems to liven up the skepticism within. How many times have you purchased the latest exciting product, with claims that it will make you rich in no time flat? I know that I have. And, the worst part is, without realizing,  I wasted my money once again on useless information.

When a friend first introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate,  I, immediately put up the mind shutters, thinking here we go again, just another one of the so-called money making sites. Offering the world, and delivering nothing in return. You know what I mean? Make this amount of money, without doing anything. But, in fairness to my friend, I decided to give him an opportunity to explain everything to me.

And his opening line went something like this; Tom you have to look at this site; Wealthy Affiliate. He then went on to say; He hadn’t seen anything like this, ever before. For instance, he mentioned, they offer a FREE seven-day trial period, where you have full access to the member’s area without spending one cent. Well, I thought to myself, that’s got to be a plus straight up.

He was quick to remind me that it isn’t any get rich quick scheme, nor any pyramid scam. But, it does provide everything needed to get started. While at the same time has a fantastic knowledge base to help build a successful business at every step of the way.

GREAT, I thought, exactly what I need. And to this day it’s the best piece of information he could have given me about; Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is not the perfect product, as we all know there is nothing in the world that can be called perfect. Approaching things with such understanding, gives way to stride toward getting as close as possible to perfection.

Finally. ) Wealthy Affiliate does care for members and has done so, from day one. The founders take a very close interest in your progress. Only because, they like helping people, like you and me, become successful. An approach I also like, because I too, like seeing other people turning that unsuccessful corner, into a success stream. Wealthy Affiliate provides the vehicle, to do just that. All you need to do is get in and drive forward.

 Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate furnishes a platform for anyone who has the desired interest in earning an income from home.

Caters for those who have an apatite in learning affiliate marketing, from beginner to a seasoned marketer.

Within the bows of Wealthy Affiliate, you learn how to create an online business successfully. How to master affiliate marketing regardless of your, ability or knowledge in understanding what’s required.

One of the greatest innovations I like about, Wealthy Affiliate; The original layout of the site never was intended in a way that it be confined only, to any one particular group. It caters for everybody.

Wealthy Affiliate from launching day through to, today has grown exponentially. With many learning aids that provide for all levels, no matter your starting point. There is a myriad of training tools that accommodate beginners through to the more accomplished affiliate marketer.Wealthy affiliate 6-1

I realize this may sound silly, but, can you do up your shoelaces? Of course, you can. Well, you then will be able to build an online business using Wealthy Affiliate. That’s how simple it is.

Wealthy Affiliate; The University of affiliate marketing. An online marketplace designed and utilized as the only online business training center, of its kind in the world.

You will learn the basics, to advanced. There is a community knowledge base, consisting of all members. As you progress through the training, you have the benefit of being able to tap into this great community for ongoing support.

And, I can speak first hand, because I have used it, and still do if I get stuck on something. This benefit alone is worth the monthly premium. I doubt that you will find anything like this anywhere else, and without question, an advantage like this is second to none.





What are some of the definite benefits about Wealthy Affiliate?

* ) Plan of action that is clear and precise
* )  Classrooms 13+ – Consisting  “How To.” With Tasks to complete
* )  Complete site is a strict spam free environment
* )  Thousands of Community Members
* )  No-upsells apart from being a Premium member
* ) Training levels to suit from Beginner – Advanced
* ) Hosting; Rated as the best available in the world
* ) Tutorials – Courses; step-by-step video training
* ) Two Free Websites – designed to perfection
* ) Community members – owners: Provide live interactive help 24/7
* ) Site strictly monitored against would-be scammers
* ) Live chat with like-minded community members
* ) Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)
* ) Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
* ) A simplified and complete process; Getting Started Training

Is There Any Disadvantage With  Wealthy Affiliate?

The Downside To Wealthy Affiliate; After the seven-day free trial you will need to upgrade to a premium membership if you want to have access to all the training modules so as to advance your quest to be a success.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For You?

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone, no matter your age, country you live in, or level of knowledge in affiliate marketing. Everyone will benefit.

Starting from beginners scaled to the level of entrepreneurs, Wealthy Affiliate caters for every level, through a diversity of training tools, and modules.

Training is always fresh and at the cutting edge of technology, while at the same time comprehensive. Training is straightforward and easy to understand. Expertly arranged from beginner to the more advanced marketer.

In the member’s area, you have immediate access and total privileges to everything you need to get started. In fact, you will very quickly become so immersed, with what is available, including the benefit of a very active community network who are at the ready to help.

So, there is never at any stage a reason for you to become stuck and not be able to move forward. It’s only a matter of asking the community, and help will be forthcoming.

There is no age or country restriction at Wealthy Affiliate, so in other words no matter your age or what part of the world you live in, you are most welcome to join.

What Are The Training Tools:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms!

  • Live Weekly Training Classes!

  • Question and Answer Periods!

  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)!

  • Interactive Discussions!

  • Video Training, Tutorial Training!

  • Task Based Courses!

With more than a thousand primary training modules.

This does appear to be a lot, doesn’t it? Well, yes it is. But, because it has all been laid out in easy to follow training sessions, it is not a complicated as it first appears.

Each and every classroom reveals an entirely different online business model that can be used to generate a full-time income online.

And these are only just some of the benefits of becoming a premium member.

Full Members In Wealthy Affiliate; Have total access to all the tools and services that offer you a massive tool chest to accomplish all of your research, writing, and website establishment.

Building Websites Made Easy:

Building-Hosting administration for your business. Included within the member’s area:

  • Tool For Competition and Keyword Research

  • Unlimited State Of The Art Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)

  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists

  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)

  • Full Access to more than 2,000 website templates-themes

  • Ability to add over 30,000 different “features” to your website

  • Rapid Writer, use it as your friend when writing content

Access within “Wealthy Affiliate.”  You don’t have to be concerned about other tools and services required to run your business.  EVERYTHING comes with being a premium member. I truly can say, without a doubt, this is the only “all inclusive” online marketing platform available anywhere.

It Takes A Community; To Create A Success Story:

Undoubtedly, there will have been times in the past, where you needed help with something online, but, because it wasn’t available, there-and-then. You resorted to a google search in seeking out the necessary help.

It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it?  I understand how you felt. Because I’ve been in that situation myself. With Wealthy Affiliate, around the clock help is always available, so resorting to Google will be a thing of the past.

To have a successful business online requires dedication and hard work. Therefore, during the setup process, and establishing your online business, it’s inevitable, you will need help.

What better is there, other than to receive assistance, through a responsive support system, backed up with a sound community knowledge base.

It is a nice feeling to know; Help is there when you most need it, and in a timely fashion. How resourceful is that?

Members have a need for a variety of different types of support, and they are all accommodated at Wealthy Affiliate.

Things Like;
A ) Live Chat, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year
B )  Live Question & Answer periods
C )  Private access to community experts
D )  Interactive Discussions

How comforting is it to know; You will never be left out in the cold with support and assistance of this type. As that would be the situation with many other services.

Wealthy Affiliate 5.pngThere are lots of people, who have difficulty in comprehending why the founders of Wealthy Affiliate have a hands-on approach toward all members. Well, quite simply put, they adopted a philosophy, to provide assistance to all members with issues, ever since the foundation of their site. And continue that tradition today.

Being a premium member opens many doors, with many insightful mechanisms, which will help to accelerate you toward success

What Interests Will You Want To Pursue?

I see many community reports from excited members; Asking what they can do to make money using Wealthy Affiliate?

With the vast amount of options available, that will earn you an online revenue stream. They will make your mind boggle when you see the 100’s upon 100’s of various means taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

Understandably, you may be a little excited and overwhelmed with the flexibility available. So I will unravel things for you and condense the inner workings.

Upon you becoming a member, automatically there are a couple of options available to you.

For instance; If you have a passion in life which you would like to pursue. And that can be anything from;  Leisure, sport, or even a pet hobby, and you would feel quite comfortable going down that path.

Then that is an enormous benefit and a good starting point. You will be able to write with authority on that particular topic.

The Wealthy Affiliate courses will show you, how you can take hold of that passion, and turn it into a successful online business. Pretty good stuff isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter, not having a particular passion or niche, and you would like Wealthy Affiliate to make a choice for you; Not a problem.

In a nutshell, you will learn how to grasp your passion and turn it into a profitable online business. Money earning business, that otherwise would not have been possible.

And, it all starts with a niche website, which will turn into making you money, from a whole bunch of different ways from your site.

There is another revenue earning option at Wealthy Affiliate, called; Affiliate Bootcamp.  A topic that establishes the boundaries from where you will be building a business.

A walk through that provides complete training starting from scratch. So there is absolute no previous experience required to get started. All the promotional, including affiliate ads, etc. They are all there with easy to follow training. There has been no stone left un-turned. What a rare opportunity to get started?


There are two price options, to get started.
Starter Membership, $0. – Click here to become a starter member.
Premium Membership, $49 per month or $359 a full twelve months.

$0 start sounds too good to be true, so my statement would be entirely wrong, if I didn’t explain why.

Join up to the  Starter Membership, and you will granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community automatically. Included you will have full and total access to live chat.

More than 500 training modules, plus three classrooms and two free websites. With unlimited use of a keyword tool and the benefits go on and on.

Over the years I have been involved with many affiliate programs. So, I can honestly say; Not another paid product in the affiliate industry holds supremacy to Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium. Provides the bells and whistles for every member. And, even for those of you, who may be only distantly concerned about having an online business site.

When the founders created the Wealthy Affiliate Site, they launched it with the viewpoint, that by removing all the behind the scenes stuff, you wouldn’t need to have to worry about doing it yourself.

Freeing up the techy stuff allows you lots more time to concentrate on the day-to-day activities of your budding business.

What about all those annoying extra fees? Such as; Hosting, keyword tool, website builder, hired help. And, of course, those tireless hours searching for those unanswered questions.Wealthy Affiliate 3

All these extra costs are inclusive as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member. And, all for one small payment, monthly or yearly.

Say goodbye forever; In the search for that next super guru, full of fluff, scam-riddled, success story.

When Wealthy Affiliate offers the complete package, and all in one place.

Why would you want to continue searching? When absolutely EVERYTHING you need is in Wealthy Affiliate.

Where else will you have the privilege of getting experienced one-on-one help from established wizards?

You can be sure of never being scammed with Wealthy Affiliate. So, why then; Continue to take any more risks of that happening again.


My Final Summary:

Other than costing you a little time, what else do you have to lose, by taking up the Starter Membership for $0? You will be, within the first hour of joining receive a welcoming email.

Beginning with Starter Membership, and anytime within the seven day trial period, you take out the Premium Membership. You will automatically qualify for a 59%  discount on your first month.

In reality what a better way is there than to trial Wealthy Affiliate for five weeks at the cost of a mere $20.00.

However, I can say with confidence. By becoming a premium member, and after the first few weeks, you will be so impressed there will be no holding you back.

I did say, didn’t I? Joining Wealthy Affiliate will cost $0. Yes, that’s  right, it’s  FREE.

You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

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